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HubBucket Document Library ("HubDocs")

Within HubDocs you will find information pertaining to some of our research and development - R&D projects, scientific, technology, and engineering documents both from us, and those publicly available from other organizations, businesses, institutions, and agencies. This information and data is being provided in hopes that it will assist your career, business, education, invention, and innovation.

The HubDocs website is the "public" facing side of HubDocs. HubDocs has an intranet (internal network side) that is only accessible to members of the HubBucket teams. Below, we explain how the HubBucket teams use the intranet side of HubDocs.

HubDocs | HubBucket Document Library
HubDocs | HubBucket Document Library

How the Teams at HubBucket use HubDocs

The HubBucket Document Library ("HubDocs") is a location on a where our teams can upload, create, update, and collaborate on files with other team members. Each library displays a list of files and key information about the files, such as who was the last person to modify a file. The HubBucket Team Site has a Documents Library where each team can organize and share documents.

NOTE: HubDocs is integrated with Microsoft SharePoint.

HubDocs | HubBucket Document Library

Types of Libraries in HubDocs:

  • Document Library – A place for project documents, research documents, or other files that our teams want to share. The HubDocs Document Libraries allow folders, versioning, and check out.
  • Asset Library – A place to share, browse and manage rich media assets, like images, audio and video files.
  • Picture / Gallery Library – A place to upload and share pictures and diagrams from applications such as Microsoft Visio, etc.
  • Report Library – A place where you can easily create and manage web pages and documents to track metrics, goals, and business intelligence information.
  • Slide Library – A slide library is used to share slides from external applications, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, or a compatible application. Slide libraries also provide special features for finding, managing, and reusing slides.
  • Wiki Page Library – An interconnected set of easily editable web pages, that can contain text, images, and widgets/web parts.
  • Data Connection Library – A place where our team can easily share files that contain information about external data connections.
  • Form Library – A place to manage business forms like status reports or purchase orders. Form libraries require a compatible XML editor.